20th Anniversary Fundraiser

Dear Family and Friends of the Westview Theatre Company,

After two years of unprecedented challenges, impressive creativity and perseverance, we are looking forward to celebrating the 20th season of the Westview Theatre Company (WVTC). In recognition of this incredible achievement, the WVTC Boosters are sponsoring a 20th Anniversary Fundraiser! Proceeds from this pledge drive will ensure the success of our upcoming season and the stability of the Company for years to come. To go directly to our donation page, please click here.

When Covid closed the world in March 2020, in the middle of rehearsing for our play, “Midsummer/Jersey,” the WVTC pivoted. Led by our incredible director, Robert J Townsend, our students found a safe way to rehearse, record, and transform our Spring play into a cohesive video production. We weren’t sure what 2020-21 would bring, but we were hopeful to be back on campus.

We all know how that went.

Even in the face of school closures, some extracurricular programs were allowed to return, with strict safety protocols. Once again led by our creative director, Robert, our company had a FULL theatre season, with all shows being held outside, many of them with in-person audiences. Despite the logistical challenges, we were the ONLY company in our school district to have an actual theatre season, and it was incredibly successful. Our students were able to connect – safely – and pursue their love of theatre. Not only did it improve their mental health, it also did wonders for our audience members who came out and enjoyed live theatre for the first time in months. It gave everyone a taste of normalcy again.

It felt like we had pulled off the impossible.

Our success during the 2020-2021 theatre season was due, in large part, to our financial reserves, which were slowly built up through the years. Although it was definitely money well spent, much of our reserves were depleted due to reduced audience capacity and other safety costs such as specialized face masks. Our company is now running on financial fumes.

We are optimistic that this year will be closer to normal, but there are still challenges ahead, and we are now proceeding without the security of a financial cushion. Regulatory changes require new microphones, transmitters and receivers. For our students to be heard, all of our sound equipment must be replaced. Additionally, many production costs (such as production rights, costumes, specialized face masks) are up front, while proceeds from ticket sales come at the end of a show’s run. Furthermore, our theatre and backstage areas have not been updated in twenty years. We can improve the functionality by purchasing lockers, lockboxes, and moveable walls to create multiple dressing rooms backstage.

Our students and Robert have worked so hard these last 16 months to find and create normalcy in the midst of chaos, and now with our depleted funds, their 2021-22 season is in need of financial support. We are asking our supporters to consider making a one-time, tax-deductible donation of $200 to the Westview Theatre Company, in honor of our 20th anniversary season. While this may seem like a significant ask, we are a fully self-funded club and the needs of the theatre after 20 years of constant use are considerable. Please also know that we welcome and appreciate donations of ALL sizes and that every donation is eligible for corporate matching. Corporate matching can as much as DOUBLE your gift! Please donate what you can to help ensure that the show will go on!


Katherine Dahl, Booster President

Sharon Sinder, Fundraiser Coordinator