Production Support Donations

Production support donations are requested for main stage productions (all cast/crew), One Acts (all cast/crew) and improv.  Donations pay for the director/coach stipends (these are NOT paid by Westview!).  Donations also pay for tech week dinners and tech appreciation dinner (for main stage shows) and show/team t-shirts. We need donations of all sizes in order to meet our expenses.

How to Make Production Support Donations

Online donations are preferred.  Make online donations through the WVTC Donation/Payment web page. Please do NOT make online donations through WV Foundation’s general web page.  Cash/check are also accepted.

Please turn in the Donation/Volunteering Form regardless of donation method.

WV Foundation is a 501(c)(3) so donations may be tax-deductible (check with your tax advisor). Receipt available upon request.

Employer-Matched Donations

If you employer offers donation matching, please take advantage of it! You can check if your employer offers matching through this WV Foundation link: About Corporate Gift Matching

Depending on your employer’s policy, either:
• donate online through the WVTC Donation/Payment web page, then submit the match through your employer OR
• donate directly through your employer payroll system

Donations should be made to “Westview Foundation” but PLEASE write in the comment/notes section that the match is for the “Westview Theatre Alliance.”