Tech Workshops!

Set Design/Construction

with Mr. John David Peters

Sat. Oct 4th & Oct 11th from 9am-1pm Westview Theater Shop

Calling all students interested in Set Design and Construction!! PLEASE mark your calendar for these essential workshops. No previous construction experience required. EVERYONE who hopes to get involved with our shows this year is encouraged to attend!

The leader of San Diego Opera Scenic Shop, Mr. John David Peters, is coming to provide mentorship on all the machines and tools in our shop. His knowledge is invaluable for all who are interested in set design and construction!Tech Leads: Make sure all your people know about this and come! Actors: This is a great opportunity for you too! Parents: Please make sure your kids get this onto their calendars, especially if they are Tech kids and have worked on set crew in the past.In addition to the use of power tools, John David will be going over critical shop safety information and the correct use of hand tools, which many of you end up using at one point or another. The skills learned will be put into practice quickly on set pieces for Harvey.We're hoping for a 3rd workshop in the first part of November for '12th Night' as well... stay tuned for details!

SD Opera Scenic Shop not only designs and creates all its sets for the Opera, which get rented out all over the country, but they also build for California Ballet, The Old Globe, and LaJolla Playhouse. They are THE scenic shop in SD. We are lucky to have John David help us out!

If you have any questions, please contact Kristina Cobarrubia or Laurie Reinbold