Scenes on Screens

Scenes on Screens is WVTC’s student directed and student performed scene festival, crafted in socially-distanced style at our very own Westview amphitheatre! Performed live, recorded, and then streamed for your family’s and friends’ viewing pleasure!

  • Saturday, November 28st at 7:00 pm (Video Premiere)

Viewing instructions here

This year’s student-written scenes are:
Little Red Thief – by Kri Nguyen, directed by Bella Brady
Deadwood – by Bella Brady, directed by Cassandra Nguyen
Dumbfellas – by Michael Bell/Brennan Welcher, directed by Catrina Day

This year’s additional scenes are:

The Sneeze – by Neil Simon, directed by Natalie Dahl
Pizza Man – by Darlene Craviotto, directed by Lilith Freund
The Big Lie – by Lindsay Price, directed by Maddie McGuire
The Three Million Dollar Lunch – by Fred Carmichael, directed by Jasmine Navarro

2019-20 Season Photos

2018-19 Season Photos