Westview Theatre Alliance

The Westview Theatre Alliance is the volunteer, parent-run support organization for the Westview Theatre Company. The Alliance consists of a Parent Board, the Faculty Advisor, and the Theatre Student Council. Currently, meetings are held at 7:30pm on the first Thursday of every month during the school year at the Westview Theater, and are open to all parents and students.

Alliance meeting topics include individual production support and publicity, finances and fund raising, facilities funding and upkeep, parent involvement, and student welfare. Board positions are filled after the spring quarter and as needed. The current board members and their positions are listed below.

Meeting times and locations are subject to change.  For the next Alliance meeting time and location or to contact any member of the Alliance Board, email:

2016-2017 Westview Theatre Alliance



President Ronda Chapman
President Pro Tem Laurie Reinbold
Program Advisor/Director Robert Townsend
Katherine Dahl
Recording Secretary Rayleen Montesi
Ways & Means OPEN
Publicity OPEN
Communications Maria Joshi
Ticketing/Box Office Brenda Horstmann
Volunteer Coordinator Kristina Cobarrubia
Concessions OPEN
Star Grams OPEN
Tech Week Dinners     OPEN
SpiritWear/Apparel OPEN
Theatre Banquet
Tech Appreciation Dinners
Festivals OPEN