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It takes a large team of people working closely together to create a successful theatre production.   Whether on stage, back stage, in the control booth, or in the lobby, there are opportunities for anyone to get involved, regardless of experience level.  Westview Theatre Company is a community with its own unique and supportive culture, and once students are exposed to it, they stay connected to the program even after graduating from Westview.  If you are looking for something that you can be a part of, a family to take you in, and experiences that will create new friendships and lasting memories, you’ve come to the right place.


General Audition Schedule

Bound for Broadway: First week of school
Fall and Winter Plays: Late August
Caught in the Act: Early to mid-December
Spring Musical: Early to mid-December

If you audition for the cast of a production and do not receive a role, we strongly encourage you to stay involved in the program by joining the crew.


A list and description of all crew positions can be found below. The exact number of crew members depends on the size of the individual production.  Every position requires an Application and a signed Letter of Understanding, which outlines your duties and responsibilities. You’ll also need a parent’s signature.  Don’t be afraid to apply for any or all of these positions, regardless of experience. Training is provided!


Get Connected Now

The best way to stay informed about all Westview Theatre Company activities, including upcoming auditions and crew opportunities, is to check back at this website and to join our mailing list and Facebook group.

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