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Westview Theatre Alliance

The Theatre Alliance meetings are open to all who would like to attend and are a great way to get involved and to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the Theatre Company’s operations.

Visit the Westview Theatre Alliance page for more details.

Suggested Donations

The Westview Theatre Company collects a Suggested Donation from every student cast and crew member involved in each show to help cover the cost of production. The fee varies per production, but they are collected to cover a portion of the production overhead (insurance, custodial fees), cast and crew meals, and one production t-shirt.

The drama program receives a small amount of funding from the school, and supplements that amount with creative fundraising and Suggested Donations to keep the program active. The amounts we ask for are based on the number of students involved in a production and the production’s needs and are kept to a minimum. Westview Theatre is the best deal in student activities on campus!

Parent Meeting

Soon after your child has joined a production, you will receive an email notification with the date/time of the “Parent Meeting” for that production. It is VERY important that you attend this meeting. At this meeting, you will receive a detailed breakdown of the Suggested Donation amount, fill out all the necessary forms, learn what the expectations will be for the position your child has in the production, and of course, have any questions answered that you might have.