Production Support Donations

Production support donations are requested for main stage productions (all cast/crew), One Acts (all cast/crew) and improv.  Donations pay for the director/coach stipends (these are NOT paid by Westview!).  Donations also pay for tech week dinners and tech appreciation dinner (for main stage shows) and show/team t-shirts. We need donations of all sizes in order to meet our expenses.

How to Make Production Support Donations

Online donations are preferred.  Make online donations through WV Foundation’s Theatre Alliance web page. Please do NOT make online donations through WV Foundation’s general web page.  Cash/check are also accepted.

Please turn in the Donation-Volunteering Form regardless of donation method.

WV Foundation is a 501(c)(3) so donations may be tax-deductible (check with your tax advisor). Receipt available upon request.

Employer-Matched Donations

If you employer offers donation matching, please take advantage of it! Depending on your employer’s policy, either:
• donate online through WV Foundation’s Theatre Alliance web page, then submit the match through your employer OR
• donate directly through your employer payroll system

Donations should be made to “Westview Foundation” but PLEASE write in the comment/notes section that the match is for the “Westview Theatre Alliance.”

Westview Theatre Company